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Dr. Farrukh Khan

Dr. Farrukh Khan is the founding partner of the firm, and is also the administrative head. He is placed amongst the most eloquent and skilful lawyers in the country with above par legal knowledge. His command over the subjects of law with practical hands-on-approach invariably paves way for achie

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Prakash Priyadarshini

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Swetashwa Agrawal

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Changhez Khan is an experienced and valued Partner of the firm, second-generation lawyer who hails from a family of lawyers, with advocacy ingrained in his spirit since early days. He is an alumnus of Aligarh Muslim University, having attained bachelor’s degree in Law, his advocacy has always pea

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Atul Khullar

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Dr. M. A. Ibrahimi

Dr. M.A. Ibrahimi joined prestigious Indian Administrative Services in 1978 where he, while working with various governmental departments, attained specialisation in corporate affairs, industrial development, textiles, handicrafts, handlooms, rural development, poverty alleviation programmes, develo

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Mr Amique Khalid is a Senior Associate with Diwan Advocates who has been an indispensable asset for a decade. Mr Khalid completed his law degree from Aligarh Muslim University. Mr Khalid is a versatile and a well-known lawyer. He has conducted many high profile and important matters ranging from

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Archna Singh

Archna Singh has been an advocate working with Diwan Advocates and a dedicated lawyer since 2009. She is a law graduate from Dr. B.R.Ambedkar University, Agra. she is a first-generation lawyer with exceptional analytical skills, an eye for details. She has been unlockin

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Mohammad Arshad

Arshad is an Advocate and Partner of the Firm having charge of Chandigarh Office. Arshad has degree of law from Al

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Ridhima is the first generation, ardent and dedicated lawyer, who is passionate about her career. That as a part of academic qualification, she has done her master's (LLM) from K

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With offices conveniently located in Delhi, Patiala House, Chandigarh, Greater noida, and Ashok nagar allahabad, we cover the entire state.