Aviation Law

Aviation law governs all the matters relating to manufacture, sale, import, export, operation, and registration of aircraft, issuance of operating licenses, air safety issues, rights and liabilities of air carriers, tariff and other charges for aeronautical services rendered at airport and functioning of DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation), AIA (Airports Authority of India), AERA (Airport Economic Regulatory Authority), BCAS (Bureau of Civil Aviation Security), and MCA (Ministry of Civil Aviation). Any direction, decision, or order passed by AERA is appealable before the Airports Economic Regulatory Authority Appellate Tribunal. The tribunal also has jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute between two or more service providers and between a service provider and group of consumers. The orders passed by the Appellate Tribunal can be appealed before the Supreme Court of India.

The Firm advises its clients in relation to all the technical, legal issues arising in relation to their aviation business. Further, the Firm drafts and prepares legal documentation for its clients. Beside this, the Firm also appears on behalf of its clients before the Authorities, Tribunals and the Supreme Court of India.


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