Beni Prasad Rathore

Beni Prasad Rathore is an Advocate dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation and counsel to the clients. With a master's degree in criminal law and forensic science, Mr. Rathore brings a wealth of specialized knowledge and expertise to his practice, ensuring that his clients receive comprehensive and effective legal solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Areas of Practice:

  1. Criminal Defense and General Litigation: Mr. Rathore specializes in criminal defense, handling cases ranging from minor infractions to serious felonies. He defends clients facing charges such as theft, fraud, drug offenses, defamation and assault with precision and tenacity. Mr. Rathore conducts thorough investigations, challenges evidence, and crafts strategic defense strategies to protect the clients' rights and liberties in court. His expertise also extends to the cases arising out of special Acts, such as NDPS, Negotiable Instruments Act, RERA Act, Consumer Protection Act, and Insurance Laws, among others.

  2. White-Collar Crimes: In the realm of white-collar crimes, where specialized agencies such as Directorate of Enforcement (ED), Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), Special Vigilance Unit (SVU), and Economic Offence Wing (EOW) are involved, Mr. Rathore demonstrates exceptional proficiency and insight, leveraging his legal expertise and forensic background to navigate the complexities of alleged financial malfeasance and corporate misconduct. He adeptly handles cases involving allegations of fraud, embezzlement, insider trading, and other financial offenses, meticulously analyzing voluminous documentation, and tracing intricate financial transactions. Mr. Rathore employs sophisticated legal strategies to defend the clients' interests, collaborating with forensic accountants, regulatory agencies, and expert witnesses to mount a robust defense. With a keen understanding of regulatory compliance and corporate governance principles, he provides proactive counsel to businesses and executives, helping them mitigate risk, address compliance challenges, and navigate investigation challenges. Mr. Rathore's unwavering commitment to excellence and his track record of success in white-collar defense make him a trusted ally for individuals and entities facing allegations of financial impropriety.

  3. Constitutional Law & Administrative Law: With a deep understanding of constitutional principles and jurisprudence, Mr. Rathore proficiently handles cases involving constitutional challenges, fundamental rights violations, and public interest litigation, writ petitions, championing the cause of justice and constitutional values. He also provides trustworthy counsel on matters pertaining to administrative law, including regulatory compliance, governmental actions, and administrative adjudication, ensuring adherence to principles of fairness, reasonableness, and transparency.

  4. Family Law: In family law matters, Beni Prasad provides compassionate representation to clients dealing with divorce, child custody disputes, and domestic relations issues. He offers guidance and advocacy in matters of alimony, child support, and visitation rights, working to achieve fair and amicable resolutions that prioritize the well-being of the family unit.

  5. Civil Litigation: In civil litigation, Mr. Rathore skillfully navigates intricate legal terrain in matters such as contract disputes, where he meticulously scrutinizes contractual agreements, interprets terms and conditions, and advocates for his clients' contractual rights and obligations. Mr. Rathore also excels in property disputes, whether they involve boundary disputes, easement issues, or landlord-tenant conflicts, offering strategic guidance and representation to protect the clients' property interests. Furthermore, he adeptly handles personal injury claims, advocating for fair compensation and offers adept representation in defamation cases, defending individuals and organizations against false or damaging statements that threaten their reputation and livelihood.

  6. Employment Law: Mr. Rathore advises both employers and employees on a range of employment law issues, including wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, and wage disputes. He provides strategic guidance and representation in negotiations, administrative proceedings, and litigation to achieve fair outcomes for his clients.

  7. Intellectual Property Law: In the realm of Intellectual Property Law, Mr. Rathore showcases exceptional proficiency and insight. He provides tailored counsel and representation to clients seeking to safeguard their valuable intellectual assets. With expertise in patent prosecution, trademark registration, copyright protection, and trade secret enforcement, Mr. Rathore guides clients through registration processes and enforcement mechanisms. He adeptly handles IP disputes, including infringement litigation and opposition proceedings, ensuring clients maximize the value of their intellectual property while minimizing risks. As a trusted advisor in intellectual property matters, Mr. Rathore offers strategic solutions to protect innovations and creative works effectively.

Mr. Beni Prasad Rathore has regular presence in various courts, including the High Courts, where he regularly appears on behalf of the clients. His extensive courtroom experience and exceptional advocacy skills have earned him the respect of peers, and clients alike, cementing his reputation as a litigator and legal strategist.

Mr. Beni Prasad Rathore provides comprehensive legal representation to clients facing a variety of legal challenges. He conducts detailed case assessments, provides sound legal advice, and develops tailored legal strategies designed to achieve his clients' objectives. Mr. Rathore is a persuasive advocate in court, presenting compelling arguments and advocating positively for his clients' rights and interests.

Negotiation and Settlement:
Mr. Rathore is skilled in negotiation and settlement, seeking to resolve legal disputes amicably and efficiently whenever possible. He strives to reach favorable settlements through principled negotiation and compromise, but is always prepared to litigate vigorously in court when necessary to protect the clients' interests. Mr. Rathore’s goal is to achieve the fair outcomes for the clients while minimizing conflict, expense, and uncertainty.

Professional Affiliation:
As a valued member of the dedicated legal team at Diwan Advocates, Mr. Beni Prasad Rathore plays a pivotal role in upholding the Firm's commitment to excellence in legal services. With a steadfast dedication to integrity, professionalism, and client satisfaction, he consistently surpasses expectations, delivering exceptional results for clients.

Courtroom Experience & Exceptional Drafting Skills:

Mr. Rathore is widely acclaimed for his exceptional skills in legal drafting, persuasive argumentation, and cross-examination. His meticulous attention to detail, eloquent presentation, and ability to think on his feet enable him to effectively articulate the clients' positions and secure fair outcomes in even the most challenging cases. Mr. Rathore is recognized for his adept drafting skills, honed through years of experience in conventional writings, legislative drafting and policy documentations. He excels in crafting precise and persuasive legal documents, including contracts, motions, and briefs. Clients value his skill in drafting documents that are thorough, professional, and tailored to their specific needs, reflecting his dedication to providing high-quality legal representation.

Legal Representation:

Mr. Beni Prasad Rathore is a staunch advocate for his clients, dedicated to protecting their legal rights and securing fair outcomes in their cases. He maintains open lines of communication with clients, keeping them informed and involved throughout the legal process. Mr. Rathore prioritizes the clients' needs and objectives, working tirelessly to achieve the best possible results in every case.

Beni Prasad Rathore


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